Navarro family standing in vineyards posing for a picture, Rafael ii and iii holding wine bottle and glass.

Our Story

Our Roots Run Deep

The Navarro family’s history is deeply rooted in the land. From Spain to Mexico, this particular branch of an extensive family tree reaches back six generations. They settled in La Barca, Jalisco and relocated to Santa Cruz de Las Flores, Jalisco after crossing the Atlantic to a widely agrarian community. 

In 1976, Rafael II, wife Norma Navarro, and son Rafael II, first generation, settled in and made Temecula, California home. With its rich Mediterranean climate interest amongst wine cultivators grew. Soon grapes were competing head-to-head with the longstanding and popular citrus and avocado farmers in the region. Today, it is known as Southern California’s wine country and the Navarro’s have returned to the land to produce the region’s finest low-intervention wines as a continuation of their agricultural heritage.

The Navarro Family Vineyards, founded in Temecula Valley in 2015 by Rafael Navarro III, is focused on the production of premium tuscan-inspired wine. The valley serves as the backdrop for their Sangiovese, Brunello di Montalcino clone vines. Here, they honor ancient Italian winemaking traditions. However, while continuing to push the envelope through innovation and experimentation under the watchful eye of famed enologist, Dottore Enrique Ferro, 64th generation winemaker from Piemonte, Italy. 

Production began in 2015 and followed in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, with the first estate bottling in 2020. In early 2023, Navarro passed the torch to his eldest daughter, Alexa-Rae, taking over as Managing Director of the Navarro Family Vineyards. 

Their highly lauded  Sangiovese offers aromas of black berries, black cherry, black currants and blueberries with hints of tobacco and baking spice. Full-bodied, it has a long, balanced flavorful finish, presenting a truly, polished, and perfect red. 

Alexa-Rae Navarro Brogden

The Next Generation

Alexa Navarro and Family

Rafael Navarro ii

Rafael Navarro II

The Patriarch

Rafael Navarro III

The Visionary

Rafael Navarro III

The Label

The Navarro Family Vineyards’ label is a homage to the familial history discovered on missions to Mexico to uncover ancestral lineage. 

Much of their history was destroyed in the 19th century by the Spanish Cristeros, however, a particular symbol and recurring theme of discussion with family members uncovered and interviewed in the discovery process was the mythical shape-shifting Tecolote. Spanish for owl, the tecolote is displayed on Santa Cruz’s coat of arms. 

The vivid discussions impressed the shape shifting creatures’ influence on the surviving centenarians to the point that Rafael III felt compelled to make it the focus of the family wine legacy project. 

To bring together the threads of information gathered, he has woven a powerful image full of rich symbolism to create the label. 

Proudly displayed front and center, we find the owl, the generational ‘spirit animal,’ and a nod to Santa Cruz. The letter N acts as a shield, a sign of protection to those he cherishes the most – his family. The owl’s wings represent laurels, signifying victory and strength as well as deftness and speed. The crown and three stars serve as a nod to his children and thus future legacy. In early 2023, Navarro passed the torch to his eldest daughter, Alexa-Rae, taking over as Managing Director of the Navarro Family Vineyards. 

four generations of Navarros

Rooted in Tradition

Grown with Innovation

Elevate your palate and expand your cellar with The Navarro Family Vineyards Sangiovese

  • 1976 - Settled in Temecula

    Rafael Navarro II, wife Norma Navarro, and son Rafael III settled in Temecula, California  where they would now call home.

  •  - The Start of Rafael III Career

    Rafael III begins his career at Pirelli Tire North America, an Italian tire company and brand.

  •  - First Estate Vineyard

    Rafael III plants Sangiovese, Brunello di Montalcino clone vines, establishing TNFV’s first estate vineyard in Temecula Valley.

  • 2015 - Navarro Family Vineyards Was Founded

    The Navarro Family Vineyards was founded in the Temecula Valley by Rafael Navarro III and co-owned by Rafael Navarro II. Production began this year and followed in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, & 2020.

  • 2023 - Growing Navarro

    Navarro’s eldest daughter, Alexa-Rae Navarro, takes over as Managing Director of TNFV and grows the TNFV portfolio with second vineyard estate.